img_7567Joan leaves for home today and I'm off to Cornwall to see an old chum from my youth. Ann from Beech House recommends the A40 as being the 'bikers road', this is part right and part wrong. The road is partly dual carriageway and is very busy. Being Saturday there are many of the 'go fast' bikers come out to play but it's not a patch on the mid week B roads.

Getting to the M4 is a very slow process as before starting we have an excursion to St McGovern's Chapel. A curious and tiny stone structure built into the cliffs and surrounded by a military firing range. It's very serene and on a nice day like this would repay a picnic. Of course by the time we leave the hords are starting to arrive including an intrusively noisy Mr Whippy (ice cream) van.

Getting to the M4 to cross the Severn bridge takes hours on the A40, and is slowed by the Usk Show which as attracted the rest of the Welsh population to come out in their cars and some confusion on my part about west and east.

Joan has a terrible trip back due to the traffic and an accident on the M4 that adds hours of delay. Mine is less so but the other way on the M5 is stationary for miles and miles. Appalling.

The night is spent at img_7569The Red Lion in Dulverton, a delightful village in the Exe(?) valley near Exmoor. I have dinner with another victim of early retirement who is learning to fly fish. He tends to talk about himself quite a lot and was surprised to find I hailed from NZ only over desert.

The night was very disturbed by the church clock which has a series of 'bongs' every 15 minutes. Eventually, after 2 hours I popped in the ear plugs which solved the problem.