img_7516Kippers for breakfast after a solid nights sleep is a real treat for me. I just love it. Don't miss that.

The cathedral at St Davids is another gem, according to the Rough Guide it's one of the 5 things you should see in the UK. I'd have to agree with this, although I'm not sure what the other 34 are. You left wondering at the great age and why the subsidence hasn't had it ruined yet. By the time we've seen the sights, had coffee and got mobile it's gone 11am.

The Pembroke coast road is listed as an attraction in it's own right and that too turns out to be true. We stop for lunch at Newport(?) and then on to the Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber. A mere 5500 years old this and you can only wonder how they got the 16 ton cap stone balanced there.

img_7531Finally we drive though all manner of lanes to Pembroke town itself. We are really looking to repeat the first nights experience of a B&B in a village with a nice pub where you can get a meal but this is proving elusive.

The Pembroke Information Centre is closed by the lady cleaning the toilets next door accosts me and under intensive questioning imparts that the Old Kings Arms is he best hotel and that the B&B with the Ivy, past the 'hump' and on the left is very good. Amazingly she is quite right.

Dinner at the Old Kings Arms, is excellent although Mr Frazzled behind the bar is less welcoming. White wine by the glass comes in two flavours, dry and medium, apparently there is no grape type. A second glass is not required and I determine that red wine is unlikely to be an option.