img_7493A humungous and delicious breakfast is a great star for the day and we sally forth though the picturesque Elan Valley. It is lovely country with quiet, albeit narrow roads (except for one paricuar white van who tries to run us and himself of the road). The dams and roads are really great fun on the bike and our GPS takes us to some well out of the way spots.

There is no real opportunity for speed on most of them as you can't see what's coming and tany kamikaze sheep could could clearly become a problem.

Lunch at Tregaron comprises coffee and cake, junk food can be fun I tell you.

We have to stop at St David's having run out of road, you can drive no further. Surprisingly, to me, there are a wide range of 'No Vacancy' signs about, I'd rather thought that the end of the holiday season (mid September) would have given us a bit of choice. Not so.

HaverfordwestLuckily I was able to negotiate a very favorable rate at the olde worlde Warpool Court Hotel, albeit still pretty pricy, but including breakfast, with the very helpful and chatty receptionist. She showed me the rooms and the views are just sublime. This would be a great spot to spend a long weekend with a WAG if you had one. We did check around some of the other places but they are either very dreary or mostly full so the Warpool Court Hotel it is.

There's a very nice walk though farmland down to the cliff which is well worth a trot before drinkies and dinner. I'd probably pass on dinner at the Warpool as it's grossly overpriced even though it's very good, 2 AA(?) Rosettes we were told. The dining room where everyone whispers is a bit odd to brash kiwi taste. Take a walk into the village, but you'll need a torch to get back.