Gerlinde writes:

We left at 10:45 an hour later, oh dear Doris (our little red Rover) is not behaving well. We stutter to a stop just at the entrance to a autostrada toll. We all three got out and pushed Doris to safety. Bonnet up, what on earth could have happened. Perhaps fuel starvation.

Well we made the challenge, we got to Naples but how sad our trusted friend who got us over the Swiss passes had sort of gone into retirement.

What Now?(We did finally manage to nurse her to the Sorrento peninsular and found a nice hotel (Villa Giovan Battista della Porta) near Vico Equense. After a days rest Doris got us to the top of Vesuvius and Stephen decided to give it a go back to Germany and the UK. No further dramas! - Bob)


Stephen writes:

We made it.

Certainly a great challenge for man and machinery, full of new experiences and a sense of adventure, comradeship with some terrific people. However the days long offset buy some sightseeing and some really good meals although the breakfasts were almost universally basic and I'd really rather not stay in Calais again.

Having traveled a lot in Europe, I know that the way to drive a long distance is to start early and to free yourself of anything that steals your time or saps your energy. Staples2naples is not like that and isn't about to change. It requires enormous stamina and an understanding, patience and good humor that I was not always able to muster..

If you ask me now if I would do it again, the answer is a resounding 'NO', but as the memory fades and I'm looking for a 2007 holiday that doesn't involve sitting on a beach, I might consider it. It would need to be a new route, perhaps to Prague and the Czech Republic, but at the moment I'd say it was a definite maybe.

Anyway thanks for following our progress through Staples2Naples 2006 and reading our Blog. I don't regret doing it for one moment. Have you thought about Staples2Naples 2007?