We kidnap a family of Italians at a gas station
You'll have to wait until morning for the report from Gerlinde. In the mean time ponder this picture.

Gerlinde writes:

Another long day. We drove 300 odd miles, the first part on little country lanes. we left Aprica at 10 after a hilariously wet start. We were all dressed up as Reservoir Dogs characters (the classic film) and had XP310 Super Soaker water guns with us. Well it was a free for all and most of us got soaked.

Exchange Lions Banners at Aprica with Mme Lisbeth Burch
After that we left with our challenge - today we had to take five pictures at different gas stations with all our team members fully dressed (i.e. sun glasses, black suits, ties,white shirts and water pistols) We got extra points for every local we managed to get involved. Well first stop we accumulated six Italians as you can see.

Bob gets a well deserved soaking
Team Shipston has been sponsored by the Stour Valley Lions who, in return asked us to call in on some of their European Lions. Well as it so happened the Sondrio host was our landlady in Aprica and we managed to get a photo with her and her exchange Lions Club banners.

We have been very lucky so far with our little red dRover which is running like a dream and some superb weather for the trip.The rally is great but it is very intense  and we have to just drive through some spectacular countryside without being able to stop. This was the first day that we arrived in daylight which was vey welcome

Late last night we came across team Allegro International in the centre of Viterbo. They were gathered around a gas stove heating water for a welcome cup of pot noodles. They were off to a camp site for the night but we took pity on the 3rd member of the team who had no where to stay and was expecting to sleep in the car. We took him to our hotel on the outside of town which has spare rooms.

Although for a large impressive hotel, it was difficult to find. It was good value for money (except for the breakfast - Bob)  and was comfortable. It is right next to a huge Duomo, - wait for the bells.