The Cobblestones of La Trembla were very hard on the car and our bottoms
An even longer day, dirt road passes in the Alps! Not in until 9:45 then dinner (and beer). Pictures and stuff in he morning

Later. Stephen writes:

Today was a truly spectacular day through the mountains of Switzerland and no less than 10 Alpine Passes! We gathered in the car par of a local car dealer in Sarnen where we were instructed to bring newspaper to put under each car to prevent the numerous oil stains that were left last year. Duly gathered for the official group photograph, this will be posted as a download from the S2N website when the rally is over.

The Bucks Babes took this picture with thier Volvo in the rear
We then embarked on our series of alpine passes, some old, some new, all tight, twisty and very steep. A challenge for driver, vehicle (and passengers) alike. The number of motorcycles amazed us using their Saturday to tackle these fantastic roads, but also car clubs, coaches, tourists and even one brave soul with a caravan. Even more challenging for the numerous cyclists (up or downhill) with the husbands leading and wives/girlfriends typically following 1-200 metres behind.

Just past the top of the Umbrail at the Italian border
We were greatly entertained by text messages from Stephanie in the UK as we were halfway through one of the passes. She was demanding to know from Gerlinde "where the hell her clean shirts were"! We were not much help but it did remind us what we were missing at home.

As the day drew on we undertook the longest and hardest climb of the day at the Passo Umbrail with Bob driving. Unfortunately we were in darkness as we crossed into Italy at the top. No passport controls here and we just made it before they closed the pass for the night. The last few km were on the tail of the fearsome Passo dello Stelvio. Some of our fellow S2N travellers in a large Volvo invited us to overtake them on the pass as they "had no brakes". It turned out that when needed they were using a Mercedes saloon in front as a braking system, but we don't know if they made it of if indeed they had lights, bumpers etc intact.

The night stop was in Aprica in Northern Italy. Nice hotel but unmanned at night as the tourist season is pretty well finished and we had to disturb the owner's daughter to let us in. We are finding that some of the group are causing a lot of disturbance with inconsiderate parking, airhorns etc. and it is nice to have a quiet hotel for a good night's sleep.