Some of our competitors with early problems
The first days trip to Calais completed without incident. Departure was 07:30(ish)

Proof we were there!
First stop was 3 miles from home for a last minute passport check, luckily all was intact and and then down the M40, round the M25 to Staples Corner for a photo opportunity for the local press. It seems most of the entrants had decided to give this a miss as there were only 7 cars there. Names were exchanged but not remembered.

We seem rather conventionally dressed by comparison with the two groups of African expeditions, one repainted in masonary paint after the emulsion had washed off in the rain.

A short stop for a bacon bap (and some photos) was followed by a long drag around the London North and South Circular roads on to Dover. The day has been sunny and warm and the air conditioning (what air conditioning?) failed to cope with the drivers window being rather sticky and all the windows very noisy.

The ferry passed without incident except that the insurance company has decided (wisely) that breakdown insurance is not on offer. Plan B is in force; we'll dump the car and leg it if necessary.

Finally arrived just outside Calais at a rather simple hotel at 17:00 (5pm for you chaps) ready for the briefing, dinner and quite possably some cold beer, not in that order!