Several people (well two anyway) have asked me to post details and pictures of this trip so here is what I hope will be the first installment of many.

The trip details are at 

I am going with my brother and sister-in-law in a Rover 213 which, when it was new, might have looked something like this. Hopefully this is not going to be fatal to our relationship, we have gotten on very well for the past 30 years and I'd like to continue that!

One of the entry conditions is that we have to raise money for charity. The lucky recipient is a charity 'DASH' ( for details) and are up to £20 already! My brothers local branch of Lions International are going to provide contacts along the route in case we run into problems.

Anyway I set forth on the first leg of the trip (NZ to UK) on wednesday (13th Sept) morning, airline security permiting.