Dinner at the cafe over the road St Riquer was as unmemorable as last time. Our favourite cafe was once again closed, perhaps for a meeting?

Anyway there was an early wake up call by a reversing cherry picker that statred "beep beeping" at 7:30 and continued for hours. Only some of us heard this.

Breakfast was not the usual grand affair of past times and overall we were not as pleased with the Jean de Bruges as we have been. We may not stay again.

M. had put us on to a local snail farm and, keen to see snails being herded and to get some fresh produce we headed off to the coast. The snail farm is unsurprisingly small but terribly closed. No response to our pressing the bell push.


To get to Calais in time to shop and catch the ferry we had to get on the peage, our first since Bilbao. A bit sad but no real alternative given the time frame. Fortunately Cite d'Europe at Calais was open (not being a Sunday) and we were able to get the canned product there.