IMG 0507Couldn't resist the little pun.

Anyway we stayed on in Ande after a delightful nights sleep. Much fog off the river this morning and we took a little stroll into the nearby town once it had cleared.

There are no alternatives to Jules and Jim's that can be found within walking distance. In any event they are closed tonight even if we were keen to return

After some discussion with Mme we strike on the idea of eating take out pizza in the gite. I am delegated as the fetcher of comestibles and make the trek on the Spyder to E Leclerk to buy mostly wine! Turns out they have escargot and pizza too.  

The gite is on the banks of the Seine so that's the afternoon taken care of. 


Dinner "at home" was very successful and we concluded the night watching a doggie "James Bond" movie on french TV in French.  The vocabulary was partly within our grasp.......