IMG 0497Rain in the night is never what one wishes to hear on a motorcycle trip but that's what we got :( By morning everything was wet but the forecast is for it to clear to showers by afternoon.

The Timhotel offered a reasonable breakfast after which we settled down to wait the rain out. Luckily this did not take long and although we had to vacate the room we decided to go back into the city for another look at the cathedral and if possible climb the spire.

We were the only ones in the spire and getting to the top you can see why. The ledge is really really narrow. I stepped onto it but found it too hard to get all the way around the tower. We retreated, sweating!

Tea and coffee were needed in the square adjacent to the cathedral to recuperate and we had a chat to an English couple on a bus tour from "Souwthampton".

Once again we had to resort to having our sandwich lunch in the middle of the vast industrial plain, hidden by a hedge from the breeze.

IMG 0500Our gite in Ande is spacious and very pleasant and the owbers most helpful. We shall dine at the resturant over the road tonight.


Dinner at Jules and Jim's was quite acceptable but marred by the smoking in the adjacent bar. Clearly the owner is determined that the rules don't apply to him. We yearn for Cak'T.