IMG 0494It was hard to split from our new acquaintances (Frank and Amy and Ann and Vincent) after breakfast but we all have places to be and things to do. In our case off to Chartres to see the cathedral.

Once past Montrichard the drive becomes straight and flat through unrelenting industrial farmland. Great plains of land uninterrupted by trees or hedgerows. At one point we saw some people hunting but it's hard to imagine what could possibly live in such a wasteland.

There were a few trees at a cemetery and we ate the sandwiches we purchased at Blois in the shade of the trees there. As always the cemetery was well kept but a long way from anywhere.

The hotel in Chartres is bog standard and has at least one tour party in residence. The rest of the town is IMG 0493pretty non descript except for the A1 cathedral which is a) huge and b) gorgeous.

The first 5 choices on the trip advisor list for dinner are all shut! Sunday of course. We end up with a mediocre burger in what seems to be a pub like surround. Not ideal.

The evenings only saving grace is the light show on the cathedral which is great. Chartres is not, on the whole, a place to linger on a sunday.