IMG 0490A much longer drive today to the Chateau de Chambord. About an hour and a half each way. The owners have arranged matters to that you are obliged to park in the carpark for the same money as a car €4 each which is exorbitant and the toilet outside is €0.50 each. We later find out toilets are free inside included inside.

Anyway the chateau is spectacular. The audio guide is a must as much of it apart from the famous double helix staircase is not terribly self explanatory.

We spent 4 hours very happily wandering around before reversing our steps and back to Loches.


Tomorrow we pack up and head on to Chartres.

IMG 0491 Boring as it may seem we had dinner at Cak'T again as it seemed unwise to spoil a good thing but only after we had had a wine with the Australian couple (Ann and Vincent) from the B&B at the local wine bar.