IMG 0486A sightly warmer morning and off to the gardens of Château de Villandry. The chateau is certainly well worth the visit but the gardens are just OMG, over the top splendid. Mary says they are the best she has ever seen. I shall not try to describe them other than to say that they would be a worthwhile addition to any bucket list.

Pictured is one of the vegetable gardens with the chateux in the background.

We remain based in our garret in Loches as we have no reason to believe that we would find anything nicer and this area has just so much to offer. We shall stay another couple of nights although dinner opportunities remain scarce.

IMG 0487Dinner again at the Cak'T iafter a visit to the first rate wine bar at the end of the street. Toningts menu is a rice salad followed by an open chicken pie with fresh vegetables and finished up by a raspberry roulade, another excellent meal. We just don't know how M does it. Cook, wait table, clean up, the lot. Incredible