IMG 0482After a very chilly and foggy start we made an excursion some 35km to the Chateau Royal at Amboise. By the time we got there at about 11:30 (no we are not rising early partly because it doesn't get light until 8am) the weather had warmed to the low 20C's.

Fortunately parking for motorcycles in France is still dead easy and after removing lots of clothing we were ready for our excursion.


The Chateaux is glorious with wonderful views of the Loire valley. It looks like being a French king in the day was not too bad a life! From the chateaux it was not too far to walk to Leonardo da Vinci's home at Clos Luce. Leonardo is actually buried at the Chateaux and there is a monument to him (pictured).

Both of these locations are very interesting with informative pamphlets in English. Brilliant.

IMG 0483Our original plan was for a further chateaux but by the time we had finished our ice cream (home made in town) it was after 4pm and time to tog up again and go "home".

Dinner at Le Galerie.B was a disaster, Fortunately we had had an entree (escargot) beforehand at the wine bar across the road and sent some Cornish folk up to Cak'T.

Apart from slow, slow service Mary found plastic wrap in in the meat. Seriously, plastic food wrap. Not just a little but a lot!

In fairness they dropped the bill for the food without being asked, but that's the least you would expect. We left promptly.

We saw the Cornish couple and they gave Cak'T the thumbs up