IMG 0480Another rubbish night at Le not-so-Belle Etoile. The bed in our new room was better although still hammock like but the window that opened onto the rear of the building allowed every early morning delivery to be heard right outside and at 7am some manic priest attacked the chapel bells with no little gusto. M was less than amused.

I was all set to give Mme a broadside this morning but regrettable she did not speak any of the magic phrases such as "Did you enjoy your stay?" or "Was everything to your satisfaction?". So instead I vented on Trip advisor, best to let others know since they plainly don't care.

Our venture today takes us to the Loire Valley to see Chateaux. Loche is the city selected and the journey is mercifully uneventful except for the loss of a summer glove (why is it no longer in the top box?). The weather has cooled a lot and we are both togged up with our rain jackets. The temperature never breaks the 20C barrier all day!

A nice man sold me a new pair of gloves at great expense but better than returning for another hour to look.

Dinner in Loche has limited options, Tuesday is apparently the mandated "we are all closed" evening. Doubtless restauranteurs party somewhere together on these days off rather than just slumping exhausted in front of the telly. The one place open is a pizza place but only with seating outside. Yes, still cold but beggars etc.

Fortunately the pompiers put on a floor show to entertain us.