IMG 0474Breakfast at La Belle Etoile was more than disappointing and the waiter (let's call him that) clearly gave not a single s**t. That coupled with a very uncomfortable night (air con kept switching itself off, the bed was lumpy and the pillow solid) and an upset tum left me in a fairly foul frame of mind.  

We also had to move to another room down the back as ours is rented today, the new occupants are welcome to it!

Anyway we came to have a walk and so we did. Google shows Jardins de Marqueyssac as being very near, and indeed they are but only horizontally! We walked 4-5 km down the road before we were able to get up to the gate and into them as they are on top of the cliff above the river.


IMG 0475Once there we thoughly enjoyed looking around what are acres of hand cut box hedging and woods before heading back via a modest short cut.  From the eastern end of the garden you can see our hotel, in fact you could almost jump down to it, but then you have to turn around and go back. The road is not a good place for walking either as there is no footpath.

Anyway a good icecream at the end of the walk was most welcome and restored my mood.

Dinner at the nearby Auberge was very ordinary french. Inexpensive and tasty. In bed by 9:30 was a bonus.