IMG 0461More of the same this morning but without the crowds. These cattle seemed even more stressed and unwilling to play with the locals. Clearly a disappointment.

We broke away and went and looked around Olite's castle, a much better option. This is a complete restoration of a ruined original with, we suspect, many original features missed or fudged. What it does have is a great view of the town and surrounding area.

They clearly are taking whatever the fiesta is seriously with music and a procession involving large (4m?) mannequins, apparently kings and queens, parading around the town to music and stopping strangely at each bar of which there are quite a few.

We left the town at about 2 for a siesta ourselves and clearly the place is humming with many many people sitting around at the bars having a few. A brass band and a Mexican string band had also started in competition. Everyone seems pretty happy however.


IMG 0463Apparently the bulls turn out at 5pm so we shall return to see them. We will pass on bull fighting however.


No bulls until 7:30 and that was a poor specimen with a bell around it's neck. We gave up and headed back to our usual dinner spot at the Hotel Meridad for the Fiesta special again.