IMG 3081Breakfast at the Matheison Lake cafe although we had to decline the walk around the lake due to a lack of suitable walking clothes.

Our run down to Haast - words fail to adequately describe the glories of the Coast on a cloudless day like this.

The Fantail cafe at Haast (which was horrible last time ) was full of backpackers and the girl in the adjacent Hard Antler pub was "rushed off her feet and you'll have to wait". Actually no we won't as we can backtrack to Haast Junction and the cafe there puts on a white bait taster which is more than adequate for our needs.

The only upset of the day was here at Haast Junction where we found a bus load of Asian tourists making free with our bikes as a photo opportunity. Mary saw them off.

IMG 2946We took a small diversion towards Jackson Bay but gave it up as it would have added nearly 100kms to the day.

The rest of the ride through the Haast Pass was uneventful and quite first rate.