IMG 0233The bikes have to be thoughly cleaned before they can be freighted otherwise there will be trouble when the container is onened at the far end. To this end we take them to an automotive washig plce at a nearby supermarket. Lots of water, suds, water blasing later neither bike has been so clean since we bought them.

Rather unfortunately it rained last night and the road out of the wash place was a tad awash with a muddy flow and I don't know how we'll sort that. The shipping place has no formed road ether so the bikes are bound to arrive dusty.

Gerardo has found a tour of Valpariso for the afternoon  which seeemed like a good idea, we may very well not pass this way again and according to the Lonely Planet this is a UNESCO world heritage site.

IMG 0231The tour started badly with a visit to an archaeology museum where they have a stolen moai form Easter Island on display and a Lapis Lazuli shop next door (part of the tour). The latter try to rip you off by pricing in US dollars then converting at a crap rate to Pesos to charge you. They were persuaded to change their minds and Mary is delighted with her purchases although she tried to lose them on the bus!

The rest of the tour got slower and slower with people getting on and off and getting lost and finally they set off over our protests without the rest of our party. We bailed at the next stop and got a cab back to the hotel.

Overall we spent 6 hours (including a lunch stop) which is way too long. Cheeky bugger had the nerve to ask for a tip after what I think may have been the worst organised tour I have ever been on.  

Later. After drinks with our fellow travellers we headed out for a celebratory dinner at Tierra de Fuego, just by the waters edge. An excellent meal and a perfect end to our journey