IMG 0205Today should have been a simple run from Villa Union to San Juan with a very scenic route for part of the journey however it's a holiday here in Argentina. The population of the mid point of our journey San Jose de Jachal choose to spend it filling with gas at the towns sole gas station.

The queue takes the most part of an hour to get to the front of and for whatever reason this wretched fuel stop turns into our lunch stop as well. There are more chilled/frozen cheese and ham sandwiches on offer created on some far distant planet and shipped to this s*** hole in some bygone era. No. Thank you. I do not want one. Not now. Not ever.

The alternative is an ice cream, some crisps and a packet of walnuts. Great.

Is it possible that Argentina has nothing better than this? Hotels with cardboard to make toast from, coffee that you could use to seal roads, lunches that would make the Little Chef blanch? I shall not go on but you will already be clear that I am not best pleased.

IMG 0206The roads go through more amazing landscapes and in places there are lush oasis's of vegetation. We meet a couple of BMW bikers on route and have an interesting chat with them but otherwise there are very few people about. Holidays like this seemingly are spent at home barbecuing whole animals judging by the smells. This latter does not help IMG 0207my mood.

Mercifully the hotel is spacious and clean for a change.

Later. Dinner in the hotel was surprisingly good. An excellent steak for me and a very nice piece of pork for Mary.