IMG 0174The Hotel Premier architecture was clearly inspired by Stalinist East Germany and there is not much to commend it.

After some walking we found the main shopping area and Mary managed to buy some shoes, a new handbag and we had some fresh baked empenadas (little pasties) for lunch. Leather goods and food are both very good value here.

In the afternoon I went with Gerardo for a ride in the nearby hills having lost the others somewhere in the city. Mary demurred on getting back onto the bike.

Outside of the city is really very nice with a very large polo club and a lot of very handsome properties.

We are going to have to work harder on finding a cafe for this evening although we would both be happy to go back to last nights.

IMG 0175Later. Despite checking out several Tripadvisor recommendations we can find nothing better than last nights cafe on the Plaza. They are almost all family type resturants with people drinking coffee. I'd have expected at least a few with a beer or wine in the early evening but this seems to not be an option. It would never do in France!