IMG 0158Another day off which is much needed so a bit of sightseeing. There was some kind of wedding party downstairs lastnight and hey finally knoeked it off after 5:30! I mostly slept through after the previous disrupted night., others were less fortunate. 

At breakfast a boot cleaner came by and we used the opportunity to get our very dusty motorcycle boots properly cleaned. This is a new experience as usually I am the boot cleaner de jour.

First stop at the “Museo de Arqueología de Alta Montaña (MAAM)” as suggested in the Lonely Planet. To quote a reviewer on Tripadvisor: "This museum tells the story of the children found buried high in the Andes mountains. How they were excavated and preserved." Very moving and a very good insight into the Inca world.

IMG 0159After a coffee and OJ at the museum cafe we walked down to the cable car that goes to a view point where you can see the entire city. On board we met partially sighted Juan(?) and his minder. We all had a complex chat in broken Spanish/English but we all managed to make ourselves understood and they gave us a tour of the hill top.

Sadly the OJ had an unfortunate effect on herself and the cable car bathroom may have been a tad nasty for the next customer. Massive self control got us back to the hotel in the nick of time as they say!

I was on my own for an empenada at one of the cafes in the plaza and a walk around the Salta cathedral.

IMG 0161For tonight we have flagged the organised Flamingo(sic) dance dinner and will make our own arrangements. Partly due to the rubbish night Mary had last night and now the OJ.

Later. Our decision on the traditional dancing was vindicated, apparently it was very long winded and they laft at 12:30 by which time we were long tucked up in bed. Our dinners were not quite what we expected either, mine being another massive steak this time with a fried egg on top.