IMG 0154Much more leisurely today. Time for a lie in (much needed the altitude headache is back) and a brief look around the town this morning. There are lots of opportnities to buy more of the same sort of stuff as is on sale everywhere else, bags, alpaca things, odd hats and the like. The town is very adobe and charmingly located but dusty and very very tourist oriented.

Like San Pedro it's clearly very popular but unless this is what you are looking for then a night stop would be more than enough.

The ride is much more downhill with the country becoming greener and greener until it becomes rainforest.

We lost our lead riders at Palpala in a confusion of traffic and attempted to head off on the motorway to Salta but luckily Gerardo following us was able to get us back on track.

IMG 0155Another gas station lunch and then onto a delightful back country road through to Salta. This was absolutely the highlight of the day with many hazards not least the narrow road and traffic.

The Argentine drivers seem much more agressive and haphazard than their Chilean counterparts however when not behind the wheel they are very friendly and clearly in loce with the Spyder. Even the police were slowing her down to take photos, no not speeding at least we are not owning up to that!

Our hotel is well located on the central plaza but has a/c so we can keep the window closed and we have two nights here so a good chance to explore what we have been told is Argentinas no 2 city. The back streets near the square did look a bit unsavoury however.

We are on our own this evening and Tripadvisor has a number of local choices up its sleeve.


IMG 0156

La Gauchada serves the biggest steak I have ever had put on a plate in front of me! Astounding.

The after diner we met Ross and Christine, our fellow travellers in the street and went back to the Plaza. This was facinating as there were literally dozens of brides all coming (some with grooms in tow) to have their pictures taken in front of the church(?). Mary couldn't help herself and had to go and arrange one womans dress with much hillaryit all around. After that we watched couples dancing the tango (very well to our eyes) in the bandstand.

Ross and Christine told us that they had had dinner in a splendid little restaurant just off the square. Turned out they had unknowingly eaten in our hotel!