IMG 0144A huge run down the stunningly dramatic coast road to the town of Tocopila which seems fairly rough! Lunch comprised a rather nasty bun with cheese and ham in a gas station. There were not many other choices.

The coast road passes innumerable little shacks where the locals live? have holidays? go fishing? mine stuff (possibly rock salt) but certainly collect seaweed and in some cases play golf (apparently)! 

Heading inland we climb back into the desert - there was no vegetation on the coast either so I'm picking that is desert too - it's just lower.

The roads are long straight and mostly uninteresting until you get to Calama, another mining town.  Here there are some incredible vistas on a scale that it is hard to comprehend.

IMG 0145The last couple of hundered kilometers are a bit of a test of endurance as the temperature in the desert is around 30C and the road is a boring as can be. You forget what bends are and we see the evidence of this in several burnt out wrecks.

San Pedro de Atacama is hard to describe except that it seems less permanent than the other places we have been to. Someting of a tourist place it seems however our hotel the Hosteria San Pedro seems a cut above and the swimming pool albeit cold is very, very welcome. 

Dinner at the Eteka was excellent, a big hunk on Uruguayan steak for me. Great

IMG 0146