IMG 0126The San Francisco hotel leaves a bit to be desired. Our room is just above the bar which seems to be only just getting going as we head for bed! A late night room change.

Breakfast at 7:30 was problematic too as Seniora who makes the breakfast had clearly been out on the razzle the night before (probably in the bar) and did not show until 8.

Antofagasta is a long, long way north of Copiaco through the Atacana desert which is very, very big and very, very dry.

Boring? Not really. There are these huge vistas with not a blade of grass or a single tree or anthing except sand and rocks. The road is straight for miles and then, for no apparent reason some bends then straight again. Temperatures varied between 15C and 33C during the day making for interesting clothing changes.

Lunch at some kind of truck stop and several stops for petrol were the interludes and a stop at an artwork called the "Hand in the Desert" for some reason. A biker from Brazil (Roger) and I had an brief at the stop before lunch. He and his team were doing a 22 day tour of Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and back to Brazil.

IMG 0128Antofagasta is a surprise as there are rows of high rises and it's pretty big with the usual shanties up on the hills at the back of the city.

We were fine with the long bit of the journey as Gerardo had bought a 5L plastic can and I had filled with petrol for the last 220km between fuel stops.

Many of the resturants are closed on Sundays so we basically end up in a "family" sort of place in the main shopping street more or less opposite our hotel (The Antofagasta on the waterfront). The food is less than memorable but the wine and beer are very welcome.