IMG 0124A long run through what becomes an increasingly barren landscape. Fundimentally there is nothing from when we leave La Serena and truth to be told not that much of interest when you are there either.

Lunch is a sandwich (not as we know them) at a cafe near the only gas station on the route in a small place with a longer name (Vallenar) .

The temperature varies between 14C and 29C and is unpredictable.

IMG 0123The biggest event of the day is through a high pass where there are a convoy of large trucks endevouring to move several houses. They have managed to get to the top of the pass but in doing so the tail back of trucks is several miles in both directions.

Rosco leads us on the wrong side of the road past the lot, much to the consternaton of the policeman at the top. Luckily Gerardo, our spanish speaking guide, is able to smooth these waters before we are arrested, or more likely lynched by the crowd! Luckily Mary's Spyder fan club is very large and gets whistles wherever we go.

IMG 0132The hotel at Copiapo seems pretty reasonable and is near the plaza where there is a large market in progress. You can guess where we are going after a shower!


Copiapo has limited dinner choices however the place we went to had a kind of bbq with a plate over hot coals on the table with a huge quantity of meat on board. Magnificent but rather overkill. Literally.