IMG 0062We could not take any sleeping tablets due to the very early start (downstairs at 7am) which led to a very fitful night.

In any event the organisation worked like clockwork with a bus trip (part of the railway to Machu Picchu has washed away), then join the train and finally a rickety bus up the mountain. The views from the bus and train are spectacular and the fates smiled on us with a clear day, apparently unusual for the rainy season.

This part of the world is reminiscent of Nepal with very rumpy roads, housing and much grinding poverty apparent all around us. The guide tells us that the river which the road and train follow is not actually in flood but that's pretty hard to believe. It must be truly dramatic when it is.


TIMG 0064he site of Machu Picchu is just astounding and really has to be seen to be appreciated. It's hard to understand how truly remote this place is and it is surprising that it was ever found hidden under the jungle.

Condor Travel have provided an excellent guide for the day and we are in a party of 6 with some Aussies.

Our conclusion at the end of the day is that it would be desperately important not to come in the high season. The crowds would be intolerable.

IMG 0065The Inkaterra hotel at the bottom of the hill seems very pleasant and welcoming.

Later. Dinner was not too bad and the service excellent. Watch the corn liquor though as it seems to have a bit of a bite.