IMG 0055In the scheme of things Auckland to Santiago is not a long journey but the 4 hour connection at Santiago seems very tiresome. Why airlines think arriving early is good is incomprehensible. Early is just as useless as late for long trips, it just means you end up waiting for whatever arrangements you have made. On time is what we want, if there's a tail wind then slow down and save the fuel.

The only minor thing that went wrong was no one to meet us in Lima. Fortunately this presented no problem as the Ramada hotel is only over the road from the airport terminal. A one minute walk perhaps? The greeter did find us, apparently we had come out of the wrong entrance. Beats me how we would have known this.

Anyway, a couple of beers and dinner at the hotel and bed, glorious bed! What's most amazing is that it's still the 18th, the day we left.