Cape of Good Hope
Cape of Good Hope (note hat placement)
Rather a sad breakfast, you do get very familiar with people on trip such are these, 12 days together and it's sad when it's over. We have an invitation to Malta and I have extended one to stay with us on Clive and Mary's inevitable motorcycle trip around NZ.

It's actually Mary's birthday and Clive has ordered a birthday cake to celebrate. It's a bit rich first thing but a very nice though. Even Tony turns up to wish us bon voyage.

Mostly the gear is dry enough to wear and although Tony is willing to guide me down to the Cape I'm quite happy to do it myself. There's a park down there and I see a number of baboons and a large 6' plus snake in the side of the road! I think better of stopping for a photograph.

The Cape is very very scenic and I'm very glad not to have missed it. It's still very windy (the Cape Doctor) and a bit overcast. No rain which is very good news. 

Mid afternoon and the rain looks very imminent, it's supposed to clear up over the weekend, and I park up at a rather posh hotel to meet with old friends for dinner. I feel rather out of place but I plan to push off early in the morning heading north.

 Oh yes, the trousers zip has given up the ghost, I must pray for no more rain...