Cable Car to Table MtnSleep a bit broken but slept mostly through the night.  Care will need to be take on the eating front otherwise there will be several extra kilos of me returning to NZ. A cooked breakfast every day is a bit over the top.

The forecast is for good weather so sightseeing around Cape Town is the go. Lacking other transportation I take the bike and put one of the panniers on to allow for a change of clothes , I looks like it will get hot.

Table Mountain and the waterfront are both well sign posted and tossing the mental dice I head for the former. The mountain is truly spectacular rising over 1000m in a more or less shear cliff it dominates the city.

There is a cable car that runs to take those of us who figure the walk is too much but you can, and I do, buy a one way. How hard can it be to walk down? I had to take my jacket up with me as one pannier wasn't enough to stow it. This was lucky as of course it was much colder at the top, but what a spectacular view.

Cape TownThe experience is completely fantastic and accessible to even the most unfit. The top is flat(ish) and  there are paths all around. The NZ health and safety would have a cow as there are no guard rails to speak of but it's a mountain for Heavens sake, what do you expect? If people are too stupid not to fall off then aren't they doing the gene pool a favour?

The walk down is clearly more rugged than I'd though. It's also un-signposted. I also quickly draw the line at the abseiling (oh my word!). Rather sheepishly I wake a pleasant young lady whose job it is to sell return tickets and get back to the bike. I also congratulate myself on good planning as the queue for the cable car is now out past the bike park.

WaterfrontGetting to the waterfront is simple, finding the bit that isn't a port isn't. They've been bring in a floating oil rig which is truly massive, I counted 6 tugs pulling it. but again with a bit of perseverance I find a bike park and set off to find out how to get to Robbin Island (the prison island where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated.

Turns out that Robbin Island is not a go, the next reservation is in over two weeks away because they have to control the rabbits. Apparently the cute little bunnies can't just be poisoned and left to die, the locals want them spayed and returned! Oh dear.

Tony France's suggestion of getting one of the open top red tourist busses is an excellent one, you can get off and catch the next one at any of the sights. Hint, you need to take the whole day about it, starting as I did at lunch time is clearly too late to see everything in town. It's a fascinating city with a whole lot of history, some of the recent stuff is not so nice.

Returning via some of the spectacular coast line I give thought to spending another day in Cape Town after the tour.

Getting back to the guest house is as interesting as expected and only a couple of stops to consult the map are required. Cape Town isn't like London, thank God.