townshipJet lag being jet lag I was wide wake at 4:30 but stayed in bed for an hour to tough it out. Not really very helpful.

I called Tony France about 8am and he was round by 8:40 with a very nice BMW F650GS, plainly quite new. He gave me a brief run down on the driving, what to expect on the tour and such like. It seems that the tour will be a collective arrangement but no, we won't be a convoy. Anyway that's not until Sunday.

In the meantime Tony suggests a couple of rides that I might make and of course there's Cape Town to see. Anyway I can't wait to get out of the door (which I might say is permanently locked, clearly there is a serious concern about security. I'll see more of that later in the day)

ViewsI find I'm in a suburb called Constantia where Tony is based and by tracking south I get to the coast a few miles away through a disparate collection of  urban development ranging from rough to rather flash. That's until I get onto the coast road where I see what I take to be a township. A ramshackle collection of shanties stretching more or less as far as the eye can see. What you don't get from the pictures is the smell, clearly sanitation is not a key feature, I did see (and smell) port-a-loos at one point so efforts are being made but the scale!

Lunch at Stellenbosch was very nice, the place is pretty upmarket, once you find the centre. I drove around for some time before hitting the main area, the rest is unprepossessing.  The only minor inconvenience is the wardrobe malfunction on my motorcycle trousers. The zip has parted company. Good job I brought shorts to wear underneath!

The road out to Franschhoek and through the Franschhoek Pass however is brilliant  and stunningly scenic. Lakes, rivers and no houses. Quite fantastic, as good as anything NZ has to offer until you come to a collection of factories dumped randomly on the lake shore......

Baboon ProofI finished the run with circuit around the coast from Kleinmond to Gordons Bay. Much of which is very kiwi bach like. There was a bad moment a Betty's Bay where I stopped to admire the view. I dropped off to sleep sitting on a bench in the sun. Sadly I failed to photograph the  “Feeding the baboons is prohibited” sign. Surely no one would be that stupid?

Finally back to the Hampshire House by 5:30. Ricky dropped me at the local pub/restaurant 'Peddlars on the Bend'. Don't tell anyone but even the restaurants here are cheap even by New Zealand standards.