img_5629Well wet was right. It's rained all night and is still heavy now. Luckily the Dri-Rider plastic bag is up for it, at least for a few kilometers.

The Omaka Aviation heritage museum ( is everything you could imagine in a museum and as a bonus is warm and dry inside. This is a great place to spend a couple of hours. The displays are so lifelike and of simply astounding quality. The sound of the rain on the roof was something of an unpleasnt reminder though.

The drive to Picton was predictably ugly but there was time for a sandwich in Picton, an important consideration as meals on the ferry seem to be best avoided.

The ferry was on time and quite a pleasant way to spend an few hours. The sign described the crossing as 'moderate' but was in reality not to bad at all although again there was no shelter for bikers waiting to board, really not good enough. img_5636That only left a short drive to Upper Hutt on a wet and crowded 'motorway' which is far from the highliht of the trip. Hopefully it will be a bit nicer tomorrow.