img_5599It's always sad to leave but the way home is north from here. I've got my new thermal on, thank goodness, as there is a low overcast and it's not too warm. The climb to the top of the Crown range takes me into the cloud, with very little visibility and once again I'm glad not to be flying but it breaks out into clear sky and sunshine at the summit.

From here the way is dry and clear and hugely fun on the bike, back the way I came through the Lewis Pass, Lake Tekapo and Burkes Pass. I'd recommend the lunch stop at Fairly rather than Tekapo, in fact anywhere the Kiwi Experience bus doesn't stop is probably good.

The sights of the McKenzie are spectacular, Mount Cook, mustering, all sorts! It really is a must see.

The cloud comes back at the end of the McKenzie, low and cool again, even a bit of drizzle. The Great Divide really is just that, the weather is radically different on the two sides. img_5606

Got down to just a litre of gas left, you really do have to think about fuel planning and refuelling in good time or you end up at some pretty out of the way places. Driving/stopping time was about 6 hours, partly due to some scenic detours and partly because it's a seriously long way and I've been hugging the speed limit (mostly).