IMG 0435Our flight is scheduled for the early evening leaving us most of the day to see what we like. The lady at the Segway Tours had suggested the Art Institute opposite as being the No 1 in the USA and I wanted to see the Museum of Science and Industry as I went there over 20 years ago and was deeply impressed then.

Taxi's are reasonably priced in Chicago and we were at the Museum of Science and Industry just before it opened at 9:30. It really is a "pop" museum but there are many many interactive displays and it clearly engages young people and in fact us too. There was no way to see it in just a couple of hours but we made the most of it.

By noon we were at the Chicago Art Insitute and their huge collection of impressionist paintings. This too is a "must see". We were left feeling that Chicago is a place that would repay several days stay, Even our hotel (the Silversmith) was well appointed and located but make sure you are not at the front as the railway is just outside the door.IMG 0433