IMG 0418An early start got us to the show in time for a very good talk about Cub kit/plan options at 8:30 in the morning. The later presenter for a talk on STOL did not show up so I went to a talk on strip flying in NZ which failed to engage me as I rather felt I'd been there.

There have been several helicopters flying around all the time and we set off to get a ride in on, apparently for $49. It seems like the only way to see the scale of the place. Sadly the queue was over an hour so I passed and left it to Roger while I went to the other side in search of the B52 we saw yeterday at the large aircraft static display. I could not find this despite a long bus ride and walk so somewhat dejectedly I walked back. Given the size of the thing I can only conclude it had left!

The consolation prize was to be a flight in the Ford Trimotor later in the afternoon which I booke for 4pm.

By coincidence I sat down for lunch with an American Airlines pilot we met in New Holstein and afterwards watched the air show for an hour or so. (some more rain but this did not seem to effect the proceedings much except that the Tri Motor got cancelled because of the delay to the airshow - I got a refund.IMG 0404

The EAA had a dinner and drinks session for International visitors which, once we found it - not so easy - was so loud you could not hear a thing.

We left before the speeches and had a pint back at Roepke's Village Inn