IMG 0365The Super Cub flyin is over and we pop over to New Holstein to say goodby and thank them for their hospitality after which we spend the rest of the day at Oshkosh.

I attended a couple of seminars, one a loosely veiled pitch by Excellent Aviation to buy their video and excellent one by CC Milne Pocock, from S Africa on back country and mountain flying. He has some very good ideas which I need to have a go at.

I missed an iPad talk in the afternoon as a programme error sent me to a tent where they were on about camping in RV's instead.

One of the highlights of the day was the arrival of a B52 looking like a 747 on seroids. Amazing.

Today the threatened thunderstorm got us and it poured with rain for half an hour or so.
Finally we got back and had a good dinner at our old favourite - Roepes Village InnIMG 0394