IMG 0397The weather is much better this morning and Cub Crafters are doing demo flights, sadly I didn't get a go.

Back at the show we hop on a bus to their Seaplane Base. This is very pretty and a number of seaplanes are heading in and out. Apparently flying from lake to lake is very curtailed by a pest called the "zebra mussel" and floats need to be cleaned before going into another lake.

We've purposely made this a half day and have lunch at Appleby's in Fond Du Lac an the south of lLake Winebaggo. Our server, Mary has a lot of trouble understanding us.

The STOL competition is very interesting, clearly most of the competitors have little or no idea but some of them, specifically a couple who have competed at Valdez in Alaska, know what goes into the secret sauce.

IMG 0408Overall a very pleasant evening rounded off by a Hog roast (without any obvious roast hog - it came out of a mobile kitchen) which was very good.

Above all I have tips from Ed the Valdez STOL man.