IMG 0370Again spent the day at the show and saw a presentation by Dick Rutan, brother of the aircraft designer extordinaire Bert, and the first man to fly non stop around the world. As you might expect a very interesting speaker.

I also saw a presentation about the Whitman Tailwind, a plane a friend of mine wants to build, it looks straight forward but the finish these guys get is incredible.

Cub Crafters (Carbon Cub makers) were doing demos at an airfield nearby so we took over there, we were defeated by the wind however when a huge thunderstorm approached and flying stopped for the day. I thought the wind would turn them over but not so. Anyway they bought us dinner (Cub Crafters that is) and we will come back tomorrow morning. Hopefully I'll get a go too.

Anyway we then plan to have the afternoon at New Holstein tomorrow to watch the spot landing competitions.