IMG 0384Our first proper day at Oshkosh, the place is vast but very well organised. Took us about an hour to drive but only a few minutes to get into the car park, could be different at the weekends tho'.

We saw a tiny fraction of the things available but entered a sweepstake for a rather lovely Fairchild plane. I suspect winning would cause a problem with the IRS but I don't see much chance! Apparently the use a cement mixer - on a truck - to mix the tickets. We are still finding it hard to get a grasp on the layout as it's so large and very disorientating.

Sleeping well by resort to tablets but otherwise not so good.

What is clear is how big this show is, hundreds of planes, full on aircraft arrivals and departures and people still setting up stands and displays. There's a lot happening and all a bit bewildering

IMG 0388

Afterwards we dropped into the Chilton Inn for a beer and then returned for a bbq at New Holstien, it's pretty much all blokes of a certain age, very friendly and several now have our contact details :) One thing that appals us is that ine the US is seems the tax people want a third of any prize you win. Did they pay a third of the ticket price? I don't think so.