IMG 0381Dinner at the very near 7 Angels last night was deeply disappointing. Clearly 7pm is way too late to consider eating on a Saturday night in Chilton and the kitchen closes at 7:45. Actually it might have been better as the steaks were very poor. One of our party said said Americans can cook steak. Unfortunatly this lot have no idea.

Jet lag succumbed to the excellent sleeping tablets and after a breakfast of toast and a bagged omelette heated in a microwave, if indeed it was an omelette and not the burrito that you also microwave. We headed down to New Holstein to meet up with the Super Cub fly in.

Things were busy with the at the field but not having a Cub to fly ourselves in after an hour we packed up to go to Oshkosh, sort out tickets (after a minor cock up) and generally get the lie of the land.

The tickets were easily sorted by helpful volunteers but the stands were in various stages of set up, some exhibitors will clearly be working until late tonight.

I don't believe I have ever seen so many planes and campers in one place. This event is going to be HUGE.

IMG 0382The King Wok Chinese is over the road from the motel at Chilton but as it turns out it has no drinks, it's basically a take away. Back to the Chilton Inn the landlady recommended Roepes Village Inn about 5 miles away. She says that the others places are frozen pizza or burger places.

Roepes Village Inn turns out to be pretty good, certainly in comparison with the 7 Angels. They call it a "Supper Club" but essentially it's a family restaurant and very busy.