DSCN0114Departure from Auckland was delayed by two hours due to some electrical fault and then on arrival the bags took an hour to get off the plane, as a result the 4½ hour layover at San Francisco was only just long enough to make the connection. I mistook the checkin time on the boarding pass for the departure time which only added ti the stress.

We met up with the UK party this morning, rented a car and got to New Holstien where the Cub pilots are congregating. All made a bit more difficult without a proper map - Avis give us a poor attempt at one which was mostly useless and didn't go far enough north.

After a chat with some of the pilots and making some landings we drove on a few miles and checked into the hotel in Chilton, a Best Western motel in the middle of not much and drove off for a quick explore. This resulted in little to report apart from a small micro brewery, the Calumut. Clearly the midwest has discovered beer. Last time I was here it was only dish water.DSCN0122

Back at the Best Western it has to be said that the air conditioning is loud!

Sadly one of our party has not brought his weeks ticket for the show and has lost access to the email. A problem which we can hopefully sort tomorrow.

My word it's a long way to Oshkosh.