img_2748Reluctantly we have to move on, this time no great distance to Russell in the Bay of Islands. The only detour is the scenic route around Whangaroa to Matauri Bay (where someone has set up an appalling subdivision).

The road around Whangaroa is quite fabulous and well worth the extra distance. 

Jean from the Old Oak has recommended the Pear Tree next to KeriKeri's Old Stone Store for lunch and we have to agree it's a nice spot. They've done a good job on the Stone Store too.


The final part of the journey takes us over the Opua to Russell ferry which has been upgraded and is far more practical (as well as costly). Apparently the waiting time is greatly reduced too.

La Veduta homestay in Russell is well known to us and that's our highly recommended evening stop off. Indeed it's so nice that we're going to take an extra non riding day here and have dinner tonight at the Gables after a drink on the deck at the Deck of Marlborough.

We highly recommend the Gables Fish & Chips. Excellent.img_2760