img_2732The Acorn is very good although the seating next to the bar is not ideal it's perfectly acceptable. The food and the service are excellent although also not cheap. This is all special occasion stuff really so that's to the good.

Our trip today is to Cape Reinga which is a repeat of a trip we made two years ago. It's worth doing for the ride and the fantastic views. This road of course gets quite a bit of tourist traffic but there are ample passing opportunities which really all adds to the fun.

Getting past a convoy of army trucks is perhaps the most challenging and we do rather wonder why they are going to the Cape. Some kind of exercise in case of an invasion of whales perhaps? Surprisingly their 30 img_2736year old trucks can maintain a decent speed without failing, a testament to the ability of the army's maintenance people.

Anyway there are a lot of tourists at the Cape and luckily this time we have remembered to bring our own sandwiches since there is no cafe. There's a real opportunity here for whoever can overcome the Department of Conservations' hatred of people using 'their' land for commercial gain. Ooh, that's right, it's ours isn't it.

We've decided on the Acorn again as it's a) very good and b) next door.img_2743