img_2693The problem with impromptu trips is that you have to get organized in a hurry. Summer has been very patchy this year so we have had to wait for a good forecast. Now we have one and we intend to make the most of it.

A last minute decision is to head North rather than South to Taranaki and so we are able to try the new South Western Motorway which we assume will take us to Helensville. It actually isn't finished and drops us, without even a single sign that we can see, just north of Onehunga. Fortunately we have the GPS and are able to make our way to the North Western Motorway

Lunch in Helensville at the Book Shop (as usual) where we discuss our plans and use the new AA app to identify somewhere to stay other than Dargaville. The app turns out to be limited but Google gives us two choices, one west of img_2695Kaiwaka and the other Baylys Beach west of Dargaville.

Kaiwaka is a tiny settlement with a curious ferro cement cafe, Eutopia, which is well worth a visit just for the architecture. The Powai Lodge is some way from town and the road turns to metal so we give that away.

The attendant at the gas station in Paparoa thinks Baylys Beach is the best and gratuitously gives us detailed directions which are hardly necessary, He also overestimates the time required to get there.

Baylys Beach is a holiday bach settlement and is still hopping from the Christmas holiday period. Several loud parties are evidently in full swing

The Sunset View Lodge is an excellent (indeed apparently the only) choice img_2697at Baylys. It's an easy walk to the fantastic beach before dinner at the recommended Funky Fish cafe, bookings - surprisingly - essential.

The neighbors to the Funky Fish cafe are a troop of jugglers who spend the evening practicing with balls and clubs. Quite fascinating.