Yesterdays Run 14.5 miles 0 locks

ImageOh Joy. The wind has died leaving a splendid but slightly overcast day. Trouble with a boat full of women is that the bogs do get a hammering with consequent macerating and water pumping, talk about noisy, I've turned on Eric Clapton and can't hear him over the pump noise. Lynn goes ashore for a stick to poke the bog with and says we must buy air freshener. Good thought!

Subsequent investigation reveals that the issues may be related to inadequate suction (blockage) in the rear bog. We'll call the man.


Lynn takes a run over to Cheswardine and Charlotte and I walk to nearby Goldstone in the opposite direction. rather to our surprise we end up passing each other in the middle. On our return the lack of any bread (except for the nasty loaf we brought for the ducks) means we have to endure a bacon and egg breakfast and consequent time delays on our departure until nearly 10:45.
Image Seems that the Napton Narrowboat man is already at work on one of our sister boats up towards Market Drayton (where we are going today) so we leave our phone number so he can call us when he's free.

We come apon the other boat, disabled by a broken throttle cable, in the Tyrley Locks. The crew (eight of them) have made good use of the time by going ashore to drink gin and tonic as a pre lunch aperitif while our man toils in the bowels of their vessel. We agree to wait on the other sie of the flight of locks as the party is getting pretty boisterous.

Sending off a shore party to Market Drayton seems like the best plan and the girls and Lynn head off what looks to be just over a mile. A little time later the party boat came down through the last lock and the revellers gathered on the foredeck to shout 'poo' at the top of their voices as they went past. They thought this a great joke which I think tells quite a bit about the amount of G&T consumed. It was quite funny.

ImageOur man disconnected the bog and eventually declared that it was not actually blocked, although it is still not sucking properly. Something of a problem. Decided to carry on regardless. Number twos will be on for the foreward bog only. The ladies return just as our man departs and Lynn advises that she will despoil the countryside rather than messing about with the bog. Good choice but not for me.

The second set of locks are tackled by Lynn with considerable success, we'll need a few more before we let her go solo.

Just as we complete the flight Charlotte comes back and suggests we turn the page in the map book, 14 locks immediately ahead. had to make an executive decision to stay the night in this rather sunny and warm spot even though it's early to stop. Barbecue steak followed by pictionary is the rder of the day, Mary has finally found a worthy partner in Lynn.