Breakfast at L'Epicerie, French Deli is spot on. There is only a limited range on offer but what there is is excellent. Great coffee too.

Another warm and sunny day takes us to Opotiki for a brief lunch stop via the Ohiwa Coastal Loop road (a very picturesque detour around the harbour).

Highway 2 meanders though various gorges to Gisborne, a nice trip with surprisingly little traffic going our way this afternoon. The roads are mixed in surface and quite a few roadworks but nothing of consequence except for a warning about cement splashes and an admonishion to "wash car today". Thanks.

With a few stops we arrive late afternoon and will be within striking distance of Napier for tomorrow.

We've stayed at the Pacific Harbour Motor Inn and are quickly installed in a pleasant room overlooking the water.


For the last several years, our favorite restaurant in Gisborne has been "the Works", an old brick place on the other side of the port. Last time I recorded it as disappointing with the meals rather overcooked and this time it let us down again.

Despite a comprehensive make over (we were told taking 11 months) the place has dropped several notches. We found both the service and food disappointing compared to the previous high standard and at the price it's just not quite good enough.

Interestingly, the Tripadvisor reviews are very ambiguous with a full range from 'excellent's through to 'terrible's. One reviewer suggests the place is somewhat schitzo. We thought it more likely that it depends on the reviewers expectations

Anyway we'll look elsewhere next time we are in Gisborne.

A wine afterwards at the Gisborne Wine Centre was very nice and the two chaps playing blues there were really very good and made up for the expensive but mediocre dinner.