France 2011

IMG_0328Looks like the party is over, get-home-itis has struck and by noon (in the heat of a very hot day) we are off onto the peage groan

A long stop just south of St Quentin finally gets Tripadvisor on the iPhone suggesting Abbatis Villa Hotel Jean de Bruges. I can’t brng myself to get through the booking system again on the iPhone so we point Doreen at St Riquier and hope for the best.

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IMG_2693Another hot day in france and a fine run to Calais in good time to find sandwiches (Seafrance ones are not that flash)

Sadly the UK turned on the weather with huge rain, thunder, lightning and flooding on the motorway. Wet beyond belief and the hideously busy traffic make it quite a horror.


Three thousand miles in three weeks.

The trike needed new brake pads and a replacement drive belt, not the cheapest item on the shelf!





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