IMG_1671Doreen has recovered (courtesy of a huge download from Garmin at La Campagnard) and guides us across country to Verdun. That is after an obligatory start walking around the tiny Plombieres-les-Bain market, filling with the bikes with petrol and ourselves with pastries in the almost dead quiet town.

Verdun is of course the site of many battles But the most famous must be those of the first world war. They have built a memorial to the dead and an ossuary for the bones of many (hundreds of thousands) who dies but were not identified.

IMG_1678The battle field has been left to grow trees and a forest has started but you can still clearly see the scars on terrain from the horrific struggle. We found the battlefield and the memorials most moving and wonder (once again) about the futility of war and the credulity of the public.

The town is just fine although the one way system is horrific. Finding Le Hotel Coq Hardi is quite hard and it does have quite a few detractors on Yes the floors squeak and the hotel is hard to get at but it’s fine for all that. Three IMG_2687stars is a bit of a push though. No you certainly wouldn’t eat here but actually it’s hard to know where you would in town, the town is more a drinkers place.

We chose L’Auberge de la Tour for dinner and it was very ordinary. Perhaps I just don’t like steak and chips that much?

Nothing has tempted us to stay a second night so tomorrow will be onward and back to the North.......