IMG_2683The front rooms at the Hotel Vauban are a bit noisy (the road outside) so I’d opt for a rear one. The hotel is however quite charming and M. Is very amicable. Today is a ‘on foot’ day and the bikes remain in the garage, it’s far too hot to get into the kit.

I do however have time to research the GPS and it seems that there is a reset which gets it going again. I don’t know why it won’t charge in the bike cradle but from others experience that may have simply gotten too wet at some point and failed. Dratted nuisance however. I’ve ordered a new one, not that that will help this trip.

IMG_1640Our walk takes us to the Belfort Lion and on up to the hugely imposing Citadel. The ticket costs only €5 for us seniors and represent very good value. This cannot be said for the cafe at the citadel which does not.

There’s some serious rain in the wind by mid afternoon (temperature down 10 degrees and big thunder) so we are obliged to catch the little tourist train back down the hill (it’s as awful as can be imagined, why does it need to be so noisy?) and after an obligatory cafe we return to the hotel during a bit of a lessening in the rain. It’s still cold and wet though. Ugh.

The later good news was that the rain stopped. The bad news was that IMG_1649the recommended Chez Perello (apparently in the shop of the oldest grocers in France) has disappointing food and even more disappointing service. Overall it was a main course (expensive) only and no desire to move to desert. Pity. The Pizza sign outside should have served as adequate warning.